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Complies to the adhesion requirements of IS 15477: 2019 Type 4T “Specification for Adhesives for use with Ceramic Tiles.” Also complies with EN / ISO C2TES1 classification

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PRODUCT Description


FAB ( Features, Benefits & Advantages )

• High strength with Polymer modification for both Internal & External Installations.
• Water Resistant, non-sag & nonslump formula for large format tiles in wall and floor systems.
• Good underwater shear bond allows this product to be used for wet areas like swimming pools, saunas, water bodies and washrooms
• Absorbs dynamic loads, good impact resistance – provides cushion effect to tiles.
• Long open time
• No shrinkage, High deformation, and Good Structural adhesion
• Distributes tensile strength
• Transfers the forces
• Extended open time & Good resistance against crack propagation
• Lightweight formula- 15% higher coverage than standard adhesive
• Sustains heat ageing
• For all types of ceramic tile, vitreous, semi-vitreous tile, glass mosaic tiles, precast terrazzo and natural stones installation over concrete and on a variety of substrates.
• Can be used for tile-on-tile applications and also as a slurry bond adhesive in wet-on-wet applications

Approx. 50 to 55 sq. ft. per 20 Kg pack, using 6mm x 6mm square notched trowel for a bed of 3mm. Coverage will depend on the nature and flatness of the surface and the method of application. For good coverage, it is must that all surfaces are smooth, plumb, level and free from defects and undulations.


– Add Tile Adhesive to clean water.
– Mix thoroughly by hand or with a slow-speed mixer to obtain slump-free mortar for a trowel-able consistency. Allow adhesive to slake for 5 minutes.
– Use approximately 6 liters of water for 20 kg of powder
– The adhesive is immediately ready-for-use and has a pot life of 2.0 hours.
– The adhesive is immediately ready-for-use and has a pot life of 2.0 hours. No further water should be added.

Note: The addition of REYNOBOND Latex partially or completely replacing water increases the bond strength and flexibility of mortar.



IS Data
Property: Test method Requirement Typical Values
Tensile Adhesion

Dry Conditions –

Annex A (Clause5.1)

Minimum1.5 N/mm² 1.70-1.80 N/mm²

Wet Conditions –

Annex A (Clause5.1)

Minimum1.00 N/mm² 1.50-1.60 N/mm²
Shear Adhesion

Dry Conditions –

Annex B (Clause 5.2)

Minimum1.5 N/mm² 1.80-1.90 N/mm²

Heat Ageing –

Annex B (Clause 5.2)

Minimum1.00 N/mm² 1.20-1.30 N/mm²

Wet Conditions –

Annex B (Clause 5.2)

Minimum1.00 N/mm² 1.30-1.40 N/mm²

Slip resistance-

Annex E (Clause 5.5)

≤ 0.5 mm 0.3-0.4 mm
Transverse Deformation
Transverse Deformation: (Clause 5.6) ≥2.5mm <5.00mm 2.55 mm – 2.65 mm


* For further detail, please refer to Technical Data Sheet

Additional information

Open Time

30 minutes

Pot Life

4 hours

Adjustment Time

30 Minutes

Time to Heavy Traffic

16 – 24 hours


20 kg bags


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