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This is crucial in choosing the best Indian tile adhesive for tile installation on your floor or walls. This is an essential aspect of interior design. You can achieve superior tile fittings by choosing the suitable adhesive.

Best Tile Adhesive Brand For Large Tiles:

This article will help you to choose the best tile adhesive brand for large tiles in India. Below are the top-rated tile adhesive brands:

ReynoArch Construction Chemical

Dr. Reyno

ReynoArch Construction Chemical, a top-rated supplier of all your tile problems, is proud to be a part of this leading company. A state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is located in Kotputli (Rajasthan). Although this business is relatively new, it has had a lot of experience in the market for decades. Tile Adhesive has been sold in eastern India under the guidance of highly skilled experts. ReynoArch tile adhesive is very affordable.

ReynoArch Construction Chemical tile adhesive has earned them a reputation for its outstanding hold properties, which are made of concrete and polymers. It can be used to fix many tiles on floors or walls. ReynoArch was able to offer its customers the best service in a short time.

Roof Tile Adhesives

Roff logo


Pidilite Industries Limited’s ROFF is the Tile & Stone Fixing Specialist. It is well-known for its top brands, Fevicol and Fevikwik. Roff’s tile adhesives use superior technology developed with global expertise. They also conform to European and Indian technical standards.

Roff’s pan-India presence allows quick service via on-site consultation and product advice. Roff also teaches contractors and installers across the country the most recent tile installation techniques to ensure the longevity and quality of your Floors or Walls.


Asian Paints Tile Adhesive

Asian-Paints Logo

Asian Paint is a well-known company that sells tile adhesives. Asian paint smart care tile adhesive is a cement-based polymer adhesive that assists in installing and fastening tiles on floors and walls.

The glue is suitable for both the floor and exterior walls. The adhesive takes about an hour to dry and hold the tile to your wall and floor. The glue will last for 12 months after it is opened. It is undoubtedly, one of the most popular tile adhesives in India.


Fevicol Tile Adhesive


Fevicol, a well-known Indian brand, is known for its adhesive products. The company also began to sell tile adhesive under the brand name Fevi Seal. Pre-mixed tubs of tile mastic are available. This sticky cement is also known as cement or natural mastic.

It is best used in dry areas such as the kitchen or living room dividers. Fevicol tile glue, a water-based acrylic adhesive, is suitable for both hot and cold environments.


Dr. Fixit Tile Adhesive

Dr. Fixit Logo

The brand Dr. Fixit is well-known worldwide and is equally popular in India. The adhesive’s ability to hold the tiles in place within hours is one of its most essential attributes.

The adhesives are waterproof and protect the tile fitting from water damage. Dr. Fixit uses strong cement polymers as a tile adhesive. It is a strong brand with impressive power and aids in installing tiles.



LATICRETE MYK Tile Adhesive, a dry plant-based cementation paste that can be mixed with water or another fluid to create a glue, is made from a mixture of cement and liquid.

MYK LATICRETE’s fragile adhesive package has a high hold quality and can be used to remodel without damaging existing floors or divider tiles. The adhesive has excellent gripping attributes and can be used to develop.


Saint-Gobain Weber Tile Adhesive

Saint-Gobain Weber, a well-known Indian tile adhesive brand, is very popular. This brand makes a ready-to-use blended tile adhesive, which is excellent for tiling partitions and other interior activities.

Our selection includes better dampness resistance, solid security, and greater adaptability. There are two types of adhesives: silicone-based adhesive and mold grouts for tiles.


Fosroc India Tile Adhesive


Fosroc brand frameworks are easy to use and practical. They have been proven to be innovative to ensure their long-term viability. Fosroc can deliver the perfect arrangement for you, whether creative tiles or natural stones, indoors or outdoors, large foundation solid holding or substantially submerged fixing.

The product range also includes a self-leveling sublayer used for tiling in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


BASF India Ltd Tile Adhesive


BASF adhesive Tile 35, a special polymer-changed cementation tile cement with increased adaptability and bond strength that meets all Indian standards, is available from BASF.

Pre-thrown, with air through brickwork and cement, the adhesive tile 35 from BASF provides a secure attachment to solidify/sand screeds. This glue attaches beautiful tiles and mosaics on walls and floors. It is currently the most popular tile adhesive in India.


Tigonis Tile Adhesive

Tigonis Tile Adhesive, a ready-to-use high-quality cement, has exceptional holding properties. It is made up of polymers and modified dark and white concrete. This allows you to secure various clay and vitrified tile floors, surfaces, and partitions.

It is easily accessible in eastern India. Tigon is a well-known brand of tile adhesive.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion all the tile adhesive brands are perfect for your tiling problems but the thing that makes them different from each other are it’s properties, customer reviews after sales services and the most important part product quality. Here is the list of best tile adhesive for large tiles recognized for their work that are tough and long-lasting. If there is any Query just comment down below or contact our experts at info@reynobondindia.com or contact us at: 9810846953